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Tasty brisket can sometimes lead to the World of Warcraft.

zimmer side

This is not going the way I thought it would.  I expected to be writing about the down home family yumminess of this much loved small town Texas BBQ spot.  Like The Brisketman has done.  And the genius Michael Corcoran.  But things have taken a twisty turn, and all because I decided way back in middle school to get contrary and take German instead of French or Spanish.


It’s the Zimmerhanzel name.  I’m aware of Hans Zimmer, the man who’s composed the music for almost every film you ever saw. But Zimmerhanzel’s a unique word and I wondered what it means in English.  The Zimmer part was easy; it’s a common German word  meaning “room”. There are all kinds of German Zimmers. Wohnzimmers for living, Hinterzimmers in the back, Arbeitzimmers for working, etc. Zimmer’s also a nice word to say because you pronounce it Tsimmer which is easy and makes you sound oh so German. (Unlike the “ch” in German which is hard and just makes you sound pretentious if you can do it and lame if you can’t.)

But Hanzel was a mystery. Turns out that the primary definition of Hanzel is a little Hans, as in Christian Andersen, or perhaps one of Hans Zimmer’s four children. However… digging a bit deeper down the Google page, I found that, according to exactly one guy in the Urban Dictionary, Hanzel also means someone who has “amassed a large number of groupies in World of Warcraft.”  Wow. That’s interesting.

zimmer door

zimmer interior

zimmer counter

zimmer hot sauce

I’m not sure how World of Warcraft works, but judging by the decor at Zimmerhanzel’s it might involve a goodly amount of hunting.  Taxidermy and more taxidermy is the decor theme, which makes the place feel busy and full of faces even on a quiet Thursday afternoon.  Weekends, when the line stretches from counter to door, the crowds on the walls serve as much appreciated models of patience.

zimmer sunglasses

zimmer bulletin 2

zimmer truck

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