On The Crush List because…

You might say because of Murphy’s.  I say because of the annual Volunteer Firefighter Fish Fry and Auction.





If you’re driving from Austin to Round Top, there’s a back road you should probably know about.  Your snazzy GPS may or may not know this route, so I’ll give you my directions.  From 71, take the first Smithville exit and go north on 153.  At the top of the hill there’s one of those sweet smiley face water towers — veer right, staying on 153, following the sign to Winchester.  When you get there, keep going. Or stop for ice cream at the Depot.  Eventually the road will end. Jog right, essentially crossing the highway as best you can.  Then follow that fabulous windy dirt road through the pastures.  One misty morning I saw a unicorn back here but when I drove by that afternoon it had turned itself into a white donkey. Eventually this road ends as well.  If at this point you’re worried you’re lost, make sure there’s an RV camping spot on your left and you’re fine.  Jog right again, crossing that next highway.  Follow that less windy paved road past the bluebonnet fields, past Rohan Meadery, until it ends.  Turn left.  You’re on 159 right by the Fayetteville turnoff and practically in Warrenton.

Upon re-reading this, I can see why you might want to try the GPS route.  OK.  If you get turned around and find yourself in Giddings, get yourself some BBQ at the City Market and you’ll be happy.



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