On The Crush List because…

“Bridges become frames for looking at the world around us.”   -Bruce Jackson

Willow Bridge Vine

This shady span across Cummins Creek seems to have a special way of framing things, not only with its rusty steel grate base and iron truss structure, but also with its stories and symbols.   In fact, the Arts for Rural Texas group in Fayetteville had a recent one night showing of works by over 30 artists, poets, writers and other creative types, all inspired by their experiences on Willow Springs Bridge.

Maybe you’d be intrigued by the story of the fiery end to the original wood bridge, or by the scattered ashes of a devoted fisherman, or by the mysterious notes frequently found by strangers, or by nothing more than a lonely bobber trapped in the brush.  Why not bring yourself here and see what you see?

Willow Bridge Wide

Willow Bridge Medium

Willow Bridge CU DFW

Willow Bridge Note Inward

Willow Bridge Bobber

Willow Bridge Down



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