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Bobcats and beavers and javelinas, oh my!

Field Javelina

Interior design is full of controversy (form v. function… floral v. floral never… a celebration of color v. for heaven’s sake show a little taste and stick to neutrals… Kelly Wearstler v. oh no).  Taxidermy, with its love it or get freaked by it tendencies, certainly lives up near the top of drama mountain.  But through clever utilization of resin and papier mâché and sculpey clay, the design industry has made it possible in recent years for you to have your dead impala and your PETA membership too.  Everyone can agree to love Stray Dog’s pagan goat, right?

What do I think of dead mounted animals?  Well… I’m a big fan when it comes to a huge sailfish or even a well-done striped bass.  But I’m going to say no to family pet preservation.  And when it comes to Round Top Antiques Week, it’s hard to be a taxidermy hater; all those old faces seem right at home somehow. So with all due respect for whatever your opinion on the subject may be, I offer an assortment of photogenic beasts available for purchase at the last show.

Round Top Wolf

LInda Mountain Lion



Buc-ees Bobcat

Have you noticed the plethora of bobcats?  Or at least that’s what they look like to me.  Except for the puma looking one up there.  I’m not sure why so many bobcats turn up booth after booth. Are they a less desirable inheritance for some shameful reason? Or do they offer exceptional resale value?  “Hey Granny passed last week… let’s hurry and cash in her bobcats!”

Carved Beaver

Obviously this trapped beaver is carved out of wood, not skinned and stuffed.  But he looks awfully authentic with those lil’ round ears and super scary fingernails and ever-growing teeth.

Old Henry Farmhouse Antlers

spellbound deer mannequin

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