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These Texas pioneers brought us colored eggs, black bonnets, dudelsacks and noodles.

Texas Wendish Heritage Society

Serbin Eggs

So imagine:  It’s the mid 1800’s in Lusatia and you’re a Wend. You’ve begun to feel quite a bit pinched by the King of Prussia who keeps insisting that you change your religion and your language. What do you do?  Yes, you’re exactly right. You gather up your family and friends and hop on a ship to Galveston, Texas.

That is the incomplete but completely true story of how a few hundred Wends found their way to Serbin, just west of Round Top. In a charming museum right in the heart of Serbin, the Texas Wendish Heritage Society has compiled an impressive amount of information and artifacts about the Wends’ life and times.  So many, in fact, that a visit there feels a lot like antique shopping, without the option to purchase. The museum facilities also house a kitchen space where volunteers gather twice a week to make traditional Wendish noodles to be sold in stores all over the area.

I’ve learned more than I have room for about the Wends, so I must leave you with just one brief thought for now. Don’t pile up your Wendish noodles with a bunch of stuff like it’s pasta.  The noodles are a side dish to be eaten like a bowl of grits, with butter, salt and pepper.

Serbin Arrow and Angels


Serbin Boat Model

Serbin Welcome Sign
Serbin Trunk Wide

Serbin Spinning Hair

Serbin Cotton

Serbin Yoke

Serbin School Posters

Serbin Doll

Serbin Cemetary Trees

Serbin Museum Exterior

Serbin Noodles

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