On The Crush List because…

Umm, cream cheese, peach, apple, chocolate cream, pumpkin, lemon, apricot,

blueberry, strawberry cream, pineapple, poppyseed…



Weikels Fruit and Cheese

Weikels Kolache

OK, I’ll stop now.

Here’s why I’m torturing you.  Since the days of the old, considerably less swanky Weikels, it has been the only place I stop for necessities and provisions on my way out for a day of antiquing at the show.  I’m not sure what you’ll need, but my list includes a pre-emptive potty, a half sweet half unsweet tea from the fountain drink area, 3 or 4 bottles of Ozarka water, a pack of roasted almonds, and as many baked goods, including kolaches and pigs-in-the-blanket and honeybees, as I can afford.  And FYI, if someone is picking up your kid from school or letting your dog out while you’re off in Round Top for the day, a bag of Weikel’s Texas Trash Snack Mix makes a nice little thank you.

Now I hear that while coming up 71 from Houston, you can accomplish the same at Hruskas, but I’m never coming from Houston so I’ll have to take your word for it.

Did I say pigs-in-the-blanket?

Ham w Pepper Jack

Weikels Wine

Weikels Sausage

Weikels Kolache Pack


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