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Who isn’t ready for the updated 70’s shag carpet?


If you looked carefully during the Spring 2014 Antique Show, you surely spied a tufty new textile trend: The Vintage Turkish Tulu. Peeking through the over-dyed patchwork and silky suzanis, these scraps of fabric or pillows or rugs are ready to become one of the next big playthings for mid-century-modern-global decoristas everywhere.

To fill you in and make you an expert on the topic:  The name Tulu means “long haired” and the rugs’ signature element is shiny angora goat hair that’s been dyed in earthy or vibrant colors.  Turkish shepherds used these as sleeping mats, so feel free to think of them as rug/guest bed combos, especially if you’re outfitting an upscale yurt.  Which apparently more and more of you are.

I love a color-on-color-on-color room aesthetic, but for now I think I prefer these brilliant whiskery rows of goat hair as pillows.  Or wait, how about as upholstery on the back of a big old wing chair?


IMG_6771Do you find yourself incredibly inspired by all this shaggy goodness? You might want to contact Marilyn at The Screaming Shopper.  She’s a Texan who lives in Turkey part-time, and she’ll happily be your guide through the markets of Istanbul.

If you go, will you write a Guest Crush post about your trip and maybe bring me back one or two small rugs?

Tulu Loblolly Marilyn

Tulu Pillow Loblolly

Tulu Pillows Loblolly

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