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Plaid, pine, stripes, stars, linen, glass, canvas, cotton, tin, boots, more boots and a stairway to nowhere.

Townsend Provisions Facebook Page

Townsend Under Stair

Like Dolly Parton or Helen Mirren, Round Top is dazzlingly well-preserved. But where did it all start? Where does the history of the hamlet begin?

Leave it to newcomer Townsend Provisions to inform us that before Round Top, TX was Round Top, TX it was Townsend, TX.

Yep, Townsend, as in Asa, Stephen, Spencer, John, J.T. William, Nathaniel and Samuel Townsend.  An entire set of eight brothers born near the Great Pee Dee River in South Carolina, all of whom made their way to the rolling prairies of Central Texas. With so many fine upstanding Townsends in the area, I guess it just made good sense to go ahead and call the place Townsend.

So when/why/how did Townsend become Round Top? Well, a few years into Townsend’s township someone built the post office and gave it an “odd shaped tower.” The next thing you know the name was changed to Round Top. Seems like there’s bound to be more to the story than that (scandal, payoff, family feud, something…) but that’s the official version and so it’ll be The Crush List version too.

Take a look around Townsend Provisions, one of the latest and most definitely greatest shops in the wonderful place that once had an odd shaped post office tower that we now call Round Top.



Townsend Corner

Townsend Table

Townsend Pilgrim

Townsend Lamp

Townsend Globe

Townsend Fondue Shelves

Townsend Cook Book

Fun, right?  Well, that’s just the front space.  You’ll also want a peek at the vintage boot room. Especially if you don’t have a pair for antiques show shopping yet.

Quick clarification: For those of you who’ve hurt your ankle by stepping in a snake hole or miscalculating the distance between your bed and the floor or some other unfortunate incident, you may be familiar with a Townsend Boot. They don’t sell those here.

Townsend Boots

Townsend Chairs

Townsend Boots Tight

Townsend Bags


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