On The Crush List because…

There’s a legendary artist living right here in the neighborhood.

Tom Tierney Portrait

Tom pretty much invented the paper doll book.  The kind you see in every bookstore and toy store and gift shop all over everywhere. And almost forty years later he still creates those books.  At the age of 86.  From his historic downtown storefront studio in Smithville, TX.  But there’s so much more than paper dolls to Tom’s outrageously creative life story. Please read through his bio and as you go, imagine you have a Tom Tierney paper doll and which outfits you’d choose for each of the many, many creative endeavors he’s mastered:  Fashion illustrator, sculptor, portraitist, stage designer, army recruiting artist, modern dancer, nightclub singer, children’s theater co-founder, award-winner, college professor, gentleman farmer, NYC man about town…

I’m certainly not the first one to be smitten with Tom’s talents and treasure chest of celebrity stories.  (His annual Paper Doll Parties drew fans from all over the country).  Over the years I’ve taken every opportunity to chat with him, and as a result I know how he uncovers the underwear preferences of each President and First Lady.  And how Tallulah Bankhead ended up sharing recipes with him. And who Tennessee Williams liked to hang out with. And so, so much more.  Thank you, Tom, for your memories.

Tom Tierney Racks

Tom Tierney Vegas Stars

Tom Tierney At Work

Tom Tierney Pope Tango

Tom Tierney Upstairs

Tom Tierney Family Portrait

Tom Tierney Bed

Tom Tierney Free Dolls

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