On The Crush List because…

The art here is fine.

UPDATE: It really was fine.  Sadly, Thunderbird Ranch is no longer open but we’re happy to have this post to remember it by!

Thunderbird Entry

I watched a pair of longhorns chase each other around a stock pond yesterday.  Right in downtown Round Top.  Because this is the southwest after all. Thunderbird Ranch Fine Art gallery celebrates all things cowboy, cowgirl and just plain cow in a charming space right on Bybee Square.  I’ve spent a bit of time in the west-er parts of the southwest and this spot brings all that right to us.  Denise Jacobs is the expert curator behind all of it, so go on in and ask her anything while you check out that snakeskin barbed wire piece you know you want.

Thunderbird Cowgirls

Thunderbird Cowboys

Thurnderbird UpStairs

If you know this folk song you can hum it while you look at the rest of the photos.  If you don’t know it, you might want to spend a moment here and then carry on with the photos.

I’m going to leave old Texas now.

They’ve got no use for the longhorn cow.

They’ve plowed and fenced my cattle range.

And the people there are all so strange.

Thunderbird Diptych Crosses

Thunderbird Chairs

Thunderbird Coasters

Thunderbird Candles

Thunderbird Rabbit

Thunderbird Rug

Thunderbird Bookshelf Top

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