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Wandering around town with a glass of wine is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

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WineFest The Garden Co

Here’s one of the many off-season traditions that make Round Top so much more than a semi-annual Antique Show.  Each spring, Round Top organizes a Wine Fest and it’s just what it says.  A fest.  With lots and lots of wine.  Your ticket buys you an empty glass and a map, and from there it’s your job to visit the dozen or so participating merchant/winery partnerships for a pour of their best.  You sip a little, stroll a little and sip a little more.  Please say you’re in for next May.

Cowgirl Junky Saddlehorn

WineFest Indian Creek

WineFest Lark

There’s music all day, from mellow saxophone in the afternoon to the town’s famous Black Cat Choir for the loosened up evening crowd. The whole thing feels a little Edgartown, a little Beaver Creek & a little Charlevoix, with a hearty splash of gentleman rancher.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a weekend in Round Top if you didn’t come across an outdoor wedding set-up in the works.

WineFest Mimi Bella

WineFest Drumset

WineFest Saxophone

WineFest Wedding

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