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Drink whiskey from a teacup?  Pinkies up!  


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Whiskey Teacup

Rendezvous Bird Tree

What’s best about the new Rendezvous field is that it truly is a place to rendezvous.  There’s primo shopping, of course, but there’s also bottled beer, wine and margaritas, great food from the Bake Shoppe and Cafe, and Shivers’ frostyful snow cones (Yes, you definitely want the Rendezvous Special with lemon, cream and lavender sprinkles).

The location is practically across from Marburger, so when you’re in the neighborhood be sure to  pull in, pull up a picnic bench and join the bloggers, birthday partiers and plain old happy antiquers for the refreshment of your choice.

Rendezvous snow cone

Rendezvous Beer

Rendezvous Round Top Scissor

Rendezvous Frame

Rendezvous Food
Stash Style Rendezvous

Stash Style NYC

Rendezvous Sign


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