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Jersey P Painting's Sold

Randy gets around. And back around.  And around again. New Jersey to Texas to California to Alabama to New Jersey and then up and down and around again from there.  He’s a true backroads traveler and one of the most enjoyable Instagramsters I follow.  During the Antique Show he somehow manages to come to a complete stop for a few weeks to set up shop at the Texas Rose Field. His funky little building is a curiosity cabinet of of carefully picked and plucked travel souvenirs that reflect his idiosyncratic take on the world. What a Wunderkammer!

Jersey P Uchee Mermaid

Jersey P Baby Doll Parts

Jersey P Toe Slipper

Have you ever heard of a Flux Kit?  Maybe you call it a Fluxus Box. Maybe?  I got all worked up a few years ago when I stumbled upon the mazy details of the 1960’s NYC art world’s Fluxus Movement. As you might expect of a 1960’s NYC art movement, it encompassed life’s entire enchilada: art, music, film, architecture, culture, commerce, performance art, publishing, Yoko Ono, John Cage, Marcel Duchamp, clear plastic suitcases, and a ‘let’s switch our clothes during the ceremony’ wedding.

If The Jersey Picker’s  slightly subversive, terrifically exuberant art-is-what-is assemblages tickle your fancy you might want to take a little Google Voyage yourself through the absolutely fascinating and inspirational Fluxus landscape.  It’s a long and deep road that’ll take some time to travel and I know you may be kind of busy right now, so just so I don’t leave you hanging, distracted all day wondering what the heck a Flux Kit is, here’s just a snippet of the Wikipedia description:

The second flux-anthology, the Fluxkit (late 1964), collected together early 3D work made by the collective in a businessman’s case, an idea borrowed directly from Duchamp’s Boite en ValiseWithin a year, plans for a new anthology, Fluxus 2, were in full swing to contain Flux films (with hand held projectors provided), disrupted matchboxes and postcards by Ben Vautier, plastic food by Claes Oldenburg, FluxMedicine by Shigeko Kubota, and artworks made of rocks, ink stamps, outdated travel tickets, undoable puzzles and a machine to facilitate humming. 

To facilitate humming!!

Jersey P Corner Cowboy

Jersey P Corner Art

Jersey P Mugs

Jersey P House

Jersey P Platypus

Jersey P Brushes

Jersey P Lady Liberty

Jersey P Pounders

Jersey P Call Randy

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