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The Fall Show is coming and this is where you go first.

Field Javelina

Hi y’all. As the show approaches, a bunch of folks have started asking me how to ‘do Round Top right.’  For those of you who’ve missed it, there’s a tab up at the top of The Crush List screen that says “About The Antiques Show” and that’ll take you to a page of what I consider to be very useful general advice and info and back roads tricks. But I think can do more to help you decide where to go and when.   Each of my next several posts will highlight one of my favorite venues.  I’ll pull together a bunch of representative images and tell you a little about why and when I like to shop each one. Hope it helps.

First up: The Fields

I keep telling everyone the Show starts September 18, but that’s a lie.  A bunch of us will be out there early the week before that, around the 13-14th, to check out The Fields, which I consider to include North Gate, Bar W and even (I know, I know you’ll disagree) the Renck Hall area. My very first The Crush List post was on North Gate Field. I said it then and it’s still true: it all starts in The Fields. If you’re looking for multiples, for imports, for metal letters, or biergarten tables or carnival signs or bread boards or silverware or matching marble sinks or farm furniture or holiday decorations or thousands of BARGAINS, this is your place.


Big Daddys Floats

Round Top Paint Brush


R&W White Letters

R&W Cotton Candy Sign

I think The Fields are best enjoyed during the early bird days.  You can always come back later in the show when everything is completely set up and the frozen lemonade booth is going and the free parking is a treat. But try go early when the dealers are selling to other dealers and things are just beginning to come together like a chick just pecking its way out of the egg.  You’ll have to use the porta potties.  And you’ll need to pack some Kind Bars and almonds and apples and waters because food vendors are not really out yet.  It’ll be hot and a little lonely, but enjoy. You’re shopping the Show like a local.

North Gate Vignette

Copper Glass Bottles



Fiberglass Lounger

Shenk Eames Loungers

Sleeping Dealer

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