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The 2014 Fall Show starts this weekend and it seems like the perfect moment to rerun some of my favorites from the 2014 Spring Show.   I must have at least thirty posts in my “Shopping: Antiques Week” category, so this is a shorty-short list of mostly early crushes that are hidden quite deep down the blogroll now.  Skip ’em if you’ve seen ’em, click on the link if you missed ’em. As always I hope they’ll inspire you to get out to the show for a day or a weekend, and if you just can’t make it happen, perhaps they can serve as a somewhat satisfying substitute.

Eneby Antiks

Eneby’s is at Blue Hills, right in the middle of the old part.  I’ll be leading a few small group/individual tours during this show and Eneby’s will probably be our first stop.  It’s high end and authentic and special and swanky and rustic and a great intro to what Round Top has to offer.

eneby antique lounger2

Texas Rose Show

Next up is my post on Texas Rose, which is kinda right across from the Marburger tents.  I’m not sure I love this field so much more than any others, but it’s right up there, and the photos surprised me and made me an even bigger fan than I had been.  How is that, that photos you take yourself can reveal so much to you?

Texas Rose Chain Smoking

Higgins Glass

During my recent trip to NYC I had tons of fun discovering my dear Higgins Glass all over ABC Carpet and Home’s “Las Venus” mid-century glam set up. I’ve been saving pennies since the last show and my collection of vintage Higgins will begin next week!

Higgins Glass 7

Maria Teresa Beyer

I think this was my most rewarding post.  Maria truly appreciated my words and spread the link to her huge fan base.  Oh, I hope her star just keeps rising and rising.

Maria Curtain

Nomadic Trading

In this one I tried to capture the sheer exhaustion that comes from a good day in the fields.  Somewhere along the way I decided that Nomadic Trading and I were going to become friends, and I think they’re too hospitable to tell me that they’re just a booth, not my personal show lounge.  But they do always seem to have a beer handy for anyone who asks, so can you blame me?

nomadic beer

And if you have a bit more time, here’s the link to all of my Shopping: Antiques Week category posts to date.  So many dear hearts!

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