On The Crush List because…

Why would you ever pass up an invitation to the Catfish Blues Jam at the Stash Co. Factory in downtown Sealy, TX?

Stash Co.

Stash Mattress Factory

This scene. This scenery. These folks. This space. This music. This heat. This catfish. Those hushpuppies. This beer. These makers. Their makings. The leather. The denim. The stitching. The prints. The hats. The aprons. The charms. That dress. The sewing. And swinging. And smiling.

Thank you Stash Co. for some exceptional hospitality.

Stash Antlers

Stash Ft Lonesome

Stash Sewing

Stash Traveller

Stash Band

Stash BBall

Stash Mount

Texas Tea and Catfish


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