On The Crush List because…

I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry.


Stash Style Bike

Shannon Vance and her team from Stash Style put up not one but two zero cool spaces at this year’s Fall Show.  Most of my pics are from the Zapp Hall building, but the teepee and doilies-gone-wild shots below are from Marburger.  Don’t you want to buy pretty much anything from the folks who can create spaces like these?

Stash Style Teepee

Stash Style Doilies

Stash Style Shelves

Stash Style Mirror

I drink my whiskey out of a teacup… Take me to the lake… Silly boys, trucks are for girls… Sorry for what I said when I was hungry…  Stash Style t-shirts, like everything else, are made from vintage stock in Shannon’s studio in Rocky River, OH, which if you don’t know is near Cleveland and is both the birthplace of George Steinbrenner and the home of the Cowen Pottery Museum.

Whiskey Teacup

Stash Style Sofas

Quick aside:  Chris and I drove all over Texas one month hunting high and low for that very wagon wheel living room set.  We never found one in great shape for a great price, so we’ve lived our lives without, which seems a shame and I’m thinking we should probably get back to making one happen.

Stash Style Overhead

Stash Style hangers

Stash Style Product

The Zapp Hall space had a lot of hats for sale, some in a straw stovepipe style that seems like a southern gentleperson’s version of the hat worn by Slash. If you’ve been looking for this look, please know that the ones here were much hipper than those available at Dress Like a Pirate dot com.

Stash Style Single
Stash Style Globe

Stash Style Had TP

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