On The Crush List because…

Their take on vintage cool makes vintage cool.

Shenk Ladies

Shenk Bodyscope

This is my first ever sighting of a baton sales display. Yay!  Where I come from everyone watching halftime knows the difference between the cheerleaders, the drill team, the color guard and the majorettes.  I hope you do too.  Beyond the field, competitive twirling is a super sport to follow.  Do you know Karrissa Wimberley?   If you have time, also look up her work with Fire Knives at the FSU games.  Yay again!

Shenk Baton Display

Shenk Crying Baby Door Stop

And how about the fantastic not-found-in-nature colorway on this citrus chandelier below?  Which brings up another The Crush List recipe courtesy of my young adult days living on Espanola Way in Miami Beach.

If you wake up super late on a hot Sunday, the perfect starter meal is a loaf of Cuban bread with canola spread or softened butter (your choice) and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice over ice with just a tiny splash of tequila.

Shenk Citrus Chandelier

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