On The Crush List because…

Sometimes, just sometimes, my home accessories obsession expands to include fashion accessories.  

R&W Trading Bag

R&W White Letters

This western-y Warrenton booth grabs you with its mountainous pile of big plastic letters.  But if you wander in a bit you’ll see that in fact, it’s a great source of vintage bags, western shirts, belts and other fashion finds.  The Gypsy Thredz blanket totes were my favorite, all tricked out with super nice leather details.  Someone on my list will be getting one of these next Christmas, so cross your fingers.

R&W Gypsy Thredz

R&W Belts

R&W Knapsack

R&W Blanket Folds

And DIYers check it out: Mexican blankets… transformed into an upholstered footstool with a leather pouch appliqué detail that takes it to the next level of fabulous.  Shouldn’t we all promise to add a special little patch or pocket or something to our future reupholstery projects?

R&W Bench

R&W Cracked Leather

R&W Cotton Candy Sign

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