On The Crush List because…

It’s not easy to stand out in the crowds of Warrenton.

FB: tonymccray.rustinpeace  Instagram: tony.rustinpeace or call him like we used to do: 404-944-5533

Rust in Peace Wide

Warrenton Day is a big day (sometimes two or three) for me, so my motto is prioritize!  Over the years I’ve finely tuned my W’ton routine, and it starts like this:  First stop, Kettle Corn cart.  Next stop, Tony McCray’s Rust in Peace booth over in the Zapp Hall area next to Dead People’s Stuff.  I think everyone likes Tony so much because, as they say on Project Runway, he has a “unique point of view.”  He’s also a super interesting guy to chat with and we all know that dealer charm goes a long way when you’re shopping the show.

Looking at that giant “EAT” word,  I’m wondering, “Does anyone I know have a casual commercial design project going on?” An organic comfort food cafe maybe, or a bespoke denim studio? Tony’s booth is just perfect for something down-home-modern: Metallic letters for signage… fun lighting options… mirrors for the entryway or behind the cashwrap… all in multiples and on a nice large scale. If it were my project, I’d probably mix my Rust in Peace with a little Ken Bizell and then keep my eye out for an amazing statement piece or two.  What would you do?

Rust In Peace globe lamp

Rust in Peace Letters
Rust in Peace Mirror

Rust in Peace

Rust In Peace Magnets 2

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