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No matter which weekend you come to Round Top, you should be able to shop some serious vintage.


RTVM Color Story

It’s always amazed me to see how the Antiques Week vendors take almost every single antique out of Round Top when they leave.  Really, only a charming handful remains.  The fabulous Lizzie Lou and Junk Gypsy World Headquarters and a few other spots in Henkel Square are usually open every weekend.  And there are some special Big Red Barn shows and auctions. And you can find plenty of antiques in La Grange or Burton or Carmine or Brenham.  But how many folks have visited Round Top during the off-season and been surprised to find a town full of music and pie and fine art and clothing boutiques, not a town full of antiques?

The newly arrived Round Top Vintage Market should help fill the void.  Barbara Griffin and Pat Boyd have taken Emma Lee Turney’s wonderful antique mall (man oh man I miss that MOUNTAIN of quilts in the back on the left…) and brought in loads of new vendors with bunches of vintage finds.

RTM Spider Mums

RTVM Have A Seat

There’s some dynamite mid-century fun, and long aisles of decor inspiration from Show vendors like the Vintage Round Top, and quite a few things that lean just so.  I’ll stop with the and and and and ands if you promise to stop in some weekend soon, or during the Show when a snow cone won’t do because you need full-on air-con relief.

RTVM Leaning Lemons

RTVM Pink Doll


RTVM Indian Runner

RTVM Goblet

RTVM Ballet Box


RTVM Peace Dress

RTVM Comics


RTVM Shelf of stuff

RTVM Ceramic Light

RTVM Lace Eggs

RT Vintage Mkt Open




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