On The Crush List because…

When it comes to poise and charm, it’s the top of the ‘Top.


RT Inn Bird House

I could love this place because it’s steps away from so many of my other Round Top crushes.  Or because the folks here are so special.  But my favorite thing about the Round Top Inn is that it’s so darn stylish.  If you ever wondered what the “Round Top Look” is, this is it.  So while you scroll through the pics, I’m going to take a page from The Interior Style Hunter’s Instagram feed and just rattle off all the things I like and want to be sure you see. You in?  OK, here we go:

Biggest tree ever. Perfect yellow exterior paint color. Perfect Texas sky color. Pathways. Split rail fencing. A squirrel catcher on the bird church.

French doors. Black on white. A crock on rock.

RT Inn Rocking Chair

Shiplap ceiling.  Pillows on a pew.  An interior mailbox. Casual flowers. The big bay window with a view of the longhorns across the highway. A wishin’ well. Rows of white mugs.

RT Inn Dining

RT Inn Flags

RT Inn Coffee Mugs

A touch of France. Gray on white. Bavarian grain sacks on squiggles. Fresh lilies. Cable TV with a remote. Sunshine through the windows. Complimentary issues of Sweet Paul. Shiplap walls. A deep spool chair with a twisted barley floor lamp. The under the stairwell candelabra. (Did any of you see that episode of Amazing Race?)

RT Inn Suite B

RT Inn House LR

RT Inn Daybed

RT Inn Spool chair

RT Inn Candelabra

The mod moment! A bedside hat beside a striped headboard with nailhead trim. Lots of linen. Lots of pillows. Lariat chairs with belt buckle lumbars. A huge mirror above the headboard. Those dear deer.

RT Inn Lounger

RT Inn Bedside

RT Inn Chairs

RT Inn Deer Pillows

Lots of lavender! The kilim square pouf. An eyelet bedskirt. The framed scarf. A super tall headboard on a narrow bed.

RT Inn Lavender Chair

RT Inn Lavender Room Bed

The Inn’s Cigar House lounge space, especially because the original property was built in the 1880’s as a cigar factory. “Schiege’s hand-rolled Texas Star, LaRosa Suprema and popular Boss “segars” (19th century spelling) were distributed throughout Texas.” 

RT Inn Zebra Wall

And finally, the baths.  The sad raincloud window. The linen tuffet chair. The vessel farm-style sink. The pocket door.  The oystershell mirror. The marble backsplash. And most of all… the get-your-heart-racing-oh-my-gosh-you-scared-me Welcome Ram!

RT Inn Window Drops

RT Inn Bath Chair

RT Inn Ram Bath

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