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This spooky-fabulous historic feed mill offers antiques, real estate, location scouting, venue rentals, Costa Rican coffee & auctioneer services. You must need one of those.


RIta Glassware

Sometimes I travel the Round Top area for no purpose except to stumble upon something incredible.  Kind of like the way I take a nap just to tap into my creative mind. Plus I like to drive around.  And nap.

Aimless wandering is how I found the Old Feed Mill in Burton, TX, owned and managed as an antique shop, real estate office and filming location by the accomplished, highly informed and hospitable Roger Chambers.

The space stunned me (and my iPhone 6 camera) with its light, its volume, the preservation of its original purpose and its near perfect assortment of well-priced home-style antiques.  Roger kindly explained all sorts of feed mill processes and engineering details as I poked around.  I’m still savoring the image of a huge blower sending swirls of shucked oats streaming up a long ductwork pipe and outside into a vat of molasses.

No further words necessary.  Enjoy the sweet feed of photos.

Burton Mill Ducks

Rita Shiner

Burton Mill Wide

Rita Inc Desk

Rita Ag Board

Rita Nun

Burton MIll Smiley Man

Rita Kennedy Portrait

Rita Sepia

Rita Shopping Basket

Rita China Cabinet

Rita Red Telescope

RIta Toilet


Rita Machinery

Rita Industrial

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