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Everyone likes a backstage pass.


RTP Upstairs

Hey y’all, the Spring Show is a month away and I hope you’ve been taking care of business.  Have you… scheduled your vacation days/given after-school a heads up/measured the fireplace wall, twice/counted your secret cash stash/and all that?  Proper preparation is key to Show enjoyment!

I couldn’t even imagine what a dealer’s Show Prep To Do list would look like. OK, you’re right.  Imagining what a dealer’s Show Prep To Do list looks like is exactly the kind of thing I would do.  I’ve asked a couple of dealers to share their lists with me, but somehow sharing their lists of todo’s isn’t on their list of todo’s because they’re so darn busy doing their todo’s.  Hey, I get it.

RTP Frame Texture

RTP Saddle

RTP Homestead

Matt White of Recycling The Past is one of the Show’s most well-known, well-liked and well-stocked dealers. A doer extraordinaire.  So it’s quite cool that he has a huge new warehouse in Warrenton open for shoppers any weekend of the year, provided we kindly email or call ahead.  The space is both a gigantical back room for several dealers’ booths and a cozy hangout headquarters.  Squooshy sofas and a full kitchen and sleeping spaces are tucked into one corner of the building, completely surrounded by airplane parts and slabs of wood and disco balls and a jeep and just look.

RTP Interior Wide

RTP Lounge

RTP Kitchen

RTP Liquor

RTP Blanket

RTP Schematic

RTP Disco Ball

RTP Jeep

RTP Exterior with Flame

The warehouse is known as The Round Top Ballroom. Obviously it makes for an event space like no other, and word is it’s just waiting for its first wedding.  I hope it’s yours!  Weddings in unexpected places are a big favorite of mine, just ask anyone who attended ours at Miami’s Monkey Jungle. (Tagline: “Where the Humans are Caged and the Monkeys Run Wild!”) Since I don’t need a wedding, I’m thinking of putting on a big old music party out there one of these Shows. Wanna come?

Harmon at RTP


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