On The Crush List because…

A bit of Marfa in the soup brings out the flavor!


pure marfa sign

The fashionable Pure Marfa booth reminded me of something I need to share:  I forget to look at jewelry.

I’m not proud of the fact, it just is what it is.  So remember as you look through The Crush List  that you are seeing far less jewelry than actually exists in Round Top, both during the show and all year.

Fortunately, these  Vintage Marfa Peso Necklaces did jump out amongst all the distractions (hey, huge stacks of knock off ghost chairs in the booth next door I’m talking about you).  And the story behind them is kind of cool.  They’re flattened pesos, inspired by the popular childhood pastime of flattening pennies on Marfa’s railroad tracks.

pure marfa necklace

pure marfa leather

pure marfa sandast

Obviously, if you want to be purely Marfa, quality leathergoods have got to get into the mix.  I fell for the pair of stained glass style neo-geo vaguely Pendleton laser cut leather pillows.

pure marfa laser leather

pure marfa soap

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