On The Crush List because…

Every single time I’ve been here I’ve made a new friend.


Prost Frasier

Frasier the Labradoodle is definitely my favorite new Prost! friend, but honestly he has had some competition.  There’ve been all the great RT Locals; full-timers and weekenders and old-timers and newcomers.  And there’ve also been the charming Nearby Towners; LaGrange shopkeepers and Brenham musicians and Austin collectors and Houston REALTORS® (I’m pretty sure I needed to type that all caps and with the little register mark since it seems very important to them and who am I to deny them their ®, especially now that I’ve figured out it’s no harder than holding down the Option Key while typing a normal R). And there’ve been the real (maybe even REAL®) fun Out of Towners, particularly during the Antiques Show weeks. (Yes, Bonnie Neiman I mean you!) And then there were the horsewomen from down the road and the bar manager from down the road and Barbara’s dear friend whom I later ran into down the road and…  Bottom line, if you think need some new friends, you probably just need a glass of good wine.

Prost building

Prost Sign

Prost Patio Wide

Prost Bistro Chairs

Prost Adirondak

Prost Round Top fire pit

This young man appeared during the Antique Show hoping to book an evening gig on the patio.  Penny (as in Penny and Mike Ceis, Prost!’s owners) gave him a quick audition and I was lucky enough to be able to sit on the stone steps and listen in.  RT is full of these kinds of special impromptu moments so when you visit be sure to keep your ears and eyes and heart open to anything.  You’ll thank yourself.

Prost Paul Guitar

Prost Round Top welcome

Prost Interior

FYI, the wine here is fine, just like the name says, and they’ll sell it to you by the glass, the bottle or the case.  Prost!

Prost Entrance

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