On The Crush List because…

When push comes to shove, this is where it’s at.


You leave at sunrise.  Sit patiently in the traffic.  Pay the premium entry fee.  Get herded through the parking chutes. You find the luxury potty trailer and the gourmet breakfast booth and you stake your spot at your favorite entrance.  Then you wait.  For the bell.  Because Marburger Preview Day starts with the ringing of the bell.

Preview Traffic

Preview Howdy

Preview Pay Line

Preview Pay

Preview Horses

Preview Breakfast

It’s a super scorchy steamy Preview Day. 9:45 am and we’re already squinting and shielding and sticking to ourselves.  Nevertheless, when the welcome bell rings at exactly 10:00 we scoot over and under the caution tape barrier with dewy-fresh enthusiasm.

Preview Wait

Preview Across the tape

Preview under the tape

Preview Into  the tent

Inside, every gorgeous booth is preview perfect.  I spend most of my time watching the deals go down; buyers scooping up tens of thousands of dollars worth of goods with a few points of a finger.  Clearly, I’m surrounded by the serious players in the interiors world – a real Who’s Who – but since I only know the faces I know, most of the fun is wondering who all the the other Who’s are.  BTW, this year’s surprise star and most Facebook-photo-posted shopper was probably Anderson Cooper, who kindly walked the show without a hat or even a pair of Ray-Bans.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of him for you, but you can imagine it, right?

Preview run feet

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