Texas Rose Antique Show • Round Top, TX

On The Crush List because…

If Marburger Farms is the popular cheerleader and Zapp Hall is the sassy party girl, Texas Rose is the sweet valedictorian with the bad boy boyfriend.


Texas Rose Wide

These dealers definitely bring the goods for the girls and for the boys.  This show they had a booth selling only authentic airplane parts.  And an amazing kitchenware selection.  Certain high-end retailers I know always put Texas Rose on their must-shop list, so that tells you something about the selection and the prices.

Texas Rose Chandelier

Texas Rose Recline

Texas Rose Womannequin

Texas Rose Mannequin

Texas RoseSmoky Joe

Texas Rose Chain Smoking

And I thought my cork collection was impressive.

Texas Rose Bottles



Higgins Glass • CLOSED but still online

On The Crush List because…

Discoveries like this are why we shop the show!


Higgins Glass 7

Am I the last person to know about Higgins Glass?  How can something so mid-cench, artisinalicious, colorwonderous and still in production have escaped me?  Step back, Heath Ceramics.

My Higgins stumble-upon happened in Warrenton at 2 Hats Antiques (you know them, the big tent on the other side of the street on the corner with all that great china and glassware).  They’re longtime fans of the studio’s “modern miracles with everyday glass” and their booth has a divine display of vintage pieces.

I’m not sure which I love more, the glass or the story of Michael and Francis Higgins. They could’ve been East Austin hipsters!  Here’s the short version:  Young design student couple sets up kilns behind the sofa in their Chicago apartment to explore the art of glass fusion and eventually builds an empire.  Thanks to the talents of Louise and Jon Wimmers, the Riverside, IL studio lives on today.  Hmm, my parents both grew up about 45 minutes from there – could that be why I feel such a connection?

Higgins Glass 2

Higgins 1

Higgins Glass 3

Don’t be shocked if you see me at the studio’s annual Holiday Open House sale this December.  Let me know if you want to go with.

Higgins Glass 4

Higgins Glass 5

Higgins Glass 6

Higgins Glass Two Hats Antiques



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