On The Crush List because…

Their Southern hospitality, cold beers and piles of exquisite rugs are welcome shelter during the storm of the show. 


nomadic front

To best appreciate my affection for Demir and all of the guys at Nomadic, you’ll need to close your eyes.  And feel the sun.  Feel its baking ability.  Really feel it penetrate the skin on your arms.  Then feel your feet.  Feel your soles becoming ever more tender.  Now your knapsack.  Feel the little treasures you’ve been collecting dig the string straps a bit deeper into your shoulders.  And your water bottle.  Feel its reassuring presence.  Reassuring, but no longer refreshing, because the water long ago went tepid.

Now open your eyes!  Enter the peace and cool and quiet and comfort of the Nomadic Trading booth.  Look how beautiful.  And listen.  They’re sincerely glad you’re here, inviting you to come in and share their space for a while.  They’d love to sell you a rug (and they have), but hey, no pressure.  Please let’s just sit and enjoy and reflect together on how lucky we all are to be surrounded by such exotic beauty out in the fields of the Texas countryside.

Nomadic Trading Urns

Nomadic Trading Folds

nomadic gold

nomadic pillows

nomadic brown

Nomadic TRading Wide

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