On The Crush List because…

Some of you might be hunting for one.


If it’s January, that means the Show is just weeks away.  Or still weeks away, depending upon your glass/full persuasions. As for me, I’m beyond ready to go so I thought I’d make a little visit to my photo library and pull together a quick potpourri of Show Fabulousness to tide us over.  And what better theme than MEN?

Utopia Bust

You can pretty much find whichever kind of man you need at the show.  Plenty of busty classics, of course.

Utopia Head

County Line JFK

Famous guys and otherwise.

marburger what me worry

Guitar Man Ozzy

Cowboys upon cowboys.

Pony Ride

Tbird Ranch Cowboy Art

 The swarthy and the less so.

Swarthy Man


Here’s to days and days of happy hunting coming soon!

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