On The Crush List because…

You are surrounded by infinite possibilities of choice.  Yikes!

Mel El Army Chair

Antiquing is such a thrilling feast of possibilities. What makes things even more interesting is that “possibility” is a completely relative concept.  Your possible might be beyond my wildest dreams.  My possible might be your so-not-worth-it.  When you really think about it, that isn’t just a booth full of old treasures and castoffs, it’s an entire possibility multiverse.

As they are paid to do, interior designers, decorators, furnishers, stylists and their ilk look around the fields and tents and see even deeper layers of possibility.  And here’s where Mel and El finally enter the picture.  Next to their Old Depot tent full of super-stylish frenchy chairs, settees and benches that they’ve recovered in great hair-on hides, old Army bags and worn in vintage feed sacks, Mel and El also set up a complete upholstery workshop.  The pros (and anyone else with the nerve) can order a pair of throw pillows for a new settee. Or they can bring some metallic leather from Arbor and an old stool from North Gate and have the whole thing redone on the spot.  Or they can choose a custom fabric scheme for one of Mel and El’s own yet-to-be-done chair frames and it’ll be whipped up in a couple of days.  What a handy and empowering and mind-opening resource to have in your pocket as you shop the show.  Possibilties x 10!

Mel El Settee

Mel El Chair Pair


Speaking of possibilities, let’s quickly review what I call the Sure You Can Do It, But Will You Really? possibility principle that must be kept in mind during all antiquing trips.  As you find yourself slipping into the seductive “oh that burlap wreath plate charger with ombre dip-dye accents is so darling but I don’t need to buy it because I can make it myself” possibility trap, stop yourself and remember: What is possible when we get home from the show has its limits because we are involved, and we are busier and lazier than we think.

Mel El Bucket Chairs

Mel El German

Mel El Angel

These are the beauties waiting for their turn!

Mel El Undone Chairs

And lastly, you’ll remember that my Grandmadean used to say a house or a shack or a town had “possibilities.”  That’s what I thought when I saw this fabulous hide chair.  The second photo shows how perfectly she fits into her new home!



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