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You know you’re ready for a road trip.

Kitchen Wide

Have you seen The Trip and The Trip to Italy?  I hope so, and if you have, I’m guessing you’re intrigued by the whole notion of hopping into a tiny convertible with a somewhat close friend to spend the weekend in a charming locale with luxurious accommodations and interesting food options.  Steve and Rob traveled the Yorkshire Dales and the Amalfi Coast, supposedly to critique the local cuisine, but I don’t remember hearing them say anything more profound about their extravagant meals than “mmm quite good.”  Since Eurotravel might be a bit of a stretch for most of us, I’m going to make the case for a weekend at the Market Street Inn in Fayetteville, TX.  Charming town, check.  Luxurious accommodations, check.  Interesting food options, Czech.  Haha!  That kolache joke came out nowhere and surprised even me!

Mkt Entryway

Pick your weekend:  Mid December for the Country Christmas and Homes Tour complete with hot chocolate and luminaries and horse drawn carriages… Valentines Day for a Festival Hill Institute Concert… Early June for the Good Old Summertime Bicycle Classic… or whenever really.   The important thing is to choose your jolliest friend and make your Bistro 108 reservations early.

Mkt Lavender Room

Mkt Zebra Room

Mkt Green Room


Mkt Yellow Dormer

The Inn’s owners, Joan Herring and Mary Quiros, are artists and collectors.  Creative furnishings and unexpected works of art are part of what make their rooms feel anything but stufty.

Mkt Flower Art

Mkt Dawn Fish Art

Mkt Deer Mount


And on a final note: One of the true tests of any BnB is its baths and I’m going to give the Market Street Inn straight A’s.  Here are a couple of photo details, but you’ll have to visit yourself to experience the huge walk-in pebble tile shower.

Mkt Towel Basket

Mkt Gray Bath






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