On The Crush List because…

At the end of a long day walking the fields, I found a new frame of mind.

Maria Curtain

The combination of actual still life items against painted settings has become a recent obsession of mine.  I’ve been intending to affix little shelves or hooks to all of the two-dimensional art on my walls and then add a dried orange or a golden bell or a raku pot to the piece.  It seems like a smart way to invigorate paintings that I still adore but have gone a bit stale and unseen.

So when I discovered Maria Teresa’s booth in the way way back of Arbor Field, her dimensional paintings leapt right out at me.  A real linen curtain in front of the lovely seated lady.  A billowing wire cage as Frida’ skirt, tied with mysterious offerings.  A tattered, twiny, bewitching family tree.  Bones and test tubes, sacks and threads, jewels and tassels and talismans.  Yes.

Please excuse me while I go hang some hooks and shelves.

Maria Frida

Maria Medley


Maria Madonna





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