On The Crush List because...

If you like one, you’ll love two.

Lizzie Ex-Cess Squirrl

Regular readers know how hard I’ve crushed on one of the Antique Show’s most illustrious fields, EX-CESS and many of its individual vendors.  And if you’ve ever visited Round Top with me you know how irresistible I find Lizzie Lou, that wondrous shop of wonders next door to Royers Cafe in downtown Round Top.

Hurray hurray then that last spring both EX-CESS and Lizzie had babies or cloned themselves or replicated or expanded or however you want to think about it.  More to love!

EX-CESS TWO sprang up across the highway from EX-CESS SENIOR just before the 2015 Spring show.  Not every booth was filled (it’s quite a lot of real estate), but the swanky new covered pads featured several enthusiastic new vendors, a few relocated favorites and what seemed to be a bunch of secondary/satellite/staging spaces for some of the Show’s bigger vendors from elsewhere.  Overall it was great digging.

ExCess Twoo Bench Excess Two Wide

Lizzie Lou Two or Two or II or Junior set up shop at the new EX-CESS in an all-star front line space. You don’t need words from me to appreciate Mary Lou’s incredible fantasyland.  Just scrolllllllll.

Lizzie ExCess Trees

Lizzie ExCess Drum Branches

Lizzie ExCess Bear Head

Lizzie Lou Bird
Lizzie ExCess Hats

Lizzie Excess Longhorn

Lizzie Lou Blue Mexicana

That turquoise jacket and sombrero made me think about housepaint colors in Mexico.  They’re so much more alive and vivid, not at all like the Barbie-doll-skin colors we seem to want to paint our stucco.  Here’s how The Gringos Guide to Using Mexican Paint: Part 3 explains it:

Paints made in Mexico have higher pigment concentrations to combat the climatic conditions.  And being so close to the equator, with much stronger sun rays than northern latitudes, the country’s thick, rich paints look fantastic in intense sunlight.  Look at a color strip.  Say that you absolutely love the second from the top; it would be perfect in Canada but would look weak and dirty here in the tropical light.

No offense Canada.

Lizzie ExCess Table
Lizzie ExCess Burro Art

Lizzie ExCess Violin

Lizzie Lou W BDWY

FYI (for those who may not be as hip as you undoubtably are): West Broadway is its own street and cuts through all the chic parts of lower Manhattan; Soho, TriBeCa, Washington Square, Greenwich Village, etc.  It is “not to be confused with Broadway.

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