On The Crush List because…

If they don’t have it you don’t need it.


Leftovers Wall Chairs

Wanna go shopping?  Good.  Me too.  Let’s go to Leftovers in Brenham.  I think of it as a different kind of General Store.  The kind where everything is generally fabulous.  Know what’s fun to do there?  Look up more than down.  You’ll find the most interesting things that way.  And also, look in.  Some of the best treasures hide in the cabinets. We wouldn’t want to miss the Tongue Dish.  Well, maybe we would.  Ick.

Or as my mother taught me, “No thank you.  Tongue’s not my favorite.”

Leftovers wide

Leftovers Ceiling Magic

Leftovers Peach Art

Leftovers Lavendar Chandelier

Leftovers Frames

Leftovers Copper and Blue

Leftovers Eyes

Leftover Shaving Brush

Leftovers Pitchers

Leftovers Tongue Dish

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