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Every single thing here is artfully crafted, selected, displayed and shared.


lark  necklaces

To be honest, Barbara and Russell’s artistic talents are a little intimidating.  Hand them pretty much anything-textiles, dyes, gold, silver, precious stones, everyday rocks, wax, wood, feather dusters, agave stalks, wasp wings-and try not to be amazed by the results.

Under the name Scattered Light, the couple has developed a devoted fan base for their original jewelry designs, especially their botanical charmscollage necklaces and custom wedding rings.  Lucky for RT fans, Barbara and Russell recently opened Lark Spirited Giving, a completely chic and cheery gift shop in Bybee Square.  You’ll find the jewelry there, along with a carefully curated selection of artisan chocolates, vintage barware, cards, books, and perfectly perfect gifts.

Lark display

Lark chandelier

A sweet story:  The name Scattered Light comes from Barbara’s childhood memories of hearing predictions of “scattered light showers.”


lark nozzle

Lark devour corner

Lark Coffee

Lark barware

Lark barware

Lark cards

lark door

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