On The Crush List because…

Nice folks with stylish things are good to know.

Lon&Lan Star

Lanny and Lonnie are probably best known for their exceptional zinc top tables that have a unique, super-smooth coppery patina.  If you can wait ’til next show to purchase your family dining table, you should, because the prices are reasonable and the mix-n-match tops and bases make it easy to get exactly what you like. And while we’re here, doesn’t that penny rug star make you wish you’d started collecting modern quilts about three decades ago and you now had a magnificent archival-quality storage room full of Nancy Crows and a pile of name badge lanyards from every Quiltcon ever?

Lon&Lan Zinc Tables

Lon&Lan Grapes

Beyond the zinc tables, L&L’s space has a strong mix of town and country and garden and gun, with lots of oversized pieces.  So if you can wait ’til next show to buy the bar back and bookshelves and grain bin storage units for your ruralist-chic new party barn, you should.

Lon&Lan Lamps

Lon&Lan Cleavers

Lon&Lan Ducks

Lon&Lan Boxes

Lon&Lan Red Garden

I wish I’d asked Lanny and Lonnie what this chair is all about, although judging by the “in the headlights” expression on the deer’s face,  I’m not sure I want to know.

Lon&Lan Deer Chair





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