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What if you only want a Junior Size portion of the Round Top Antiques Show experience?

La Bahia Blue

The Fall Antiques Show is just weeks away, and many of you are happily getting geared up for some hard core tromping through the fields and tents of Round Top, TX. I’m with you for sure, but today’s post isn’t really for us. It’s for the others out there, the non-trompers, hiding in the corners in their cute wedge sandals.  I’m with you too, and I understand your trepidation.  You’re intrigued by the notion of Round Top and vintage shopping and countryside extravaganzas.  But despite my efforts to demystify the experience,  it still seems too much.  What you really want is to gingerly mince into the whole scene with no more than one sweet, comfy day trip.

La Bahia it is!  I’ve chosen this particular field for a few reasons.  First, location.  Driving from Austin or Houston or anywhere really, you’ll find La Bahia on 237 just below 290, well before all of the pedestrian v. vehicle v. parking v. gawking craziness of the highway further south.  And the parking is free!  Second, quality.  The vendors here are a near perfect mix of hard core dedicated collectors of blueware or lindseywoolsey or whatever and plain old dealers of really great stuff. In fact one of the best episodes of this season’s Junk Gypsies showed the sisters shopping La Bahia, and those gals don’t mess around.  Third, quantity.  There’s plenty to see here but not really all that much.  I’m guessing the 80+ vendors will be just enough.

La Bahia Silver

Look!  Don’t you just love that Lumiere decided to retire in Round Top?  “Be our guest be our guest be our guest!!”

And when I look at the photos below that I took last spring, I must have been craving a Minnesota summer camp experience.  I promise there’s more to the show than just shuffleboard and archery and plaid and totem poles!

La Bahia Ranch House Ashtray

La Bahia Arrow

La Bahia Plaids

La Bahia Totems

And for you superfans of the show, if you’re still with me, I hope La Bahia’s on your list.  Go on an early day if you can because there’s a lot of buying going on up there and you’ll want to see it all before it’s gone.

La Bahia fan



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