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If you’re lucky, you’ve had a store just like this in your life.

Jerry's Produce

When I was a kid, about once a year we’d go to visit my grandparents at their horse farm in Ocala, Florida.  The big day trip of our stay was up to Micanopy, a tiny nearby town that my Grandmadean used to say had “possibilities.”  I remember the Micanopy General Store because it had toilets hanging from the ceiling, which I guess was terrible feng shui but seemed like merchandising genius to me.  In fact, I was such a fan of my visits to Micanopy that years later my husband and I spent our entire honeymoon there, except for the afternoon we drove to the Bob Evans in Gainesville for lunch.

So this post is for Micanopy’s General Store… and for Depasquale’s in Newtonville, MA (home of an amazing capicola, provolone and red pepper sandwich)… and for Petrillo’s Market on Miami Beach (where I once stood in line behind Silence of the Lambs author Thomas Harris who is apparently very private but I’m going to gossip and tell you he was buying a bottle of red wine to take to his office upstairs)… and all the other genuine neighborhood markets that continue to offer a non-homogenized, family-run retail way of life that’s fading far too fast.

Jerry's Ammo and Yams

Yes, those are boxes of ammo shelved right above the cans of yams.  And no, I’ve never tried Underwood White Meat Chicken Spread.  Please share a recipe in the comment section below if you know how to make it yummy.  Maybe like a Tuna Melt?  And no, I don’t understand how shaving powder works.  Same request.

Jerry's Spam

Jerrry's Shaving Powder

Jerry's Mindy Lu's

Jerry's Wieners

I hope you’ll pretend you’re standing in front of Jerry’s and really take time to read these bulletin boards.  Did you ever wonder why there aren’t more bulletin board inspired hipster art shows? Seems like an idea that’s ripe for the pickin’. I know, I know, if you want something done right…

Fayetteville Bulletin Board

American Idles Jerry's Fayetteville



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