On The Crush List because…

This is a whole bunch of people having a whole bunch of fun.


The Sign

Nothing but nothing is better than accidentally arriving in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, and last Saturday it happened to me again.  Not like it’s a big secret, I mean look, there it is in all caps right on the permanent sign.  Monthly Jam 2nd Saturday.  But I hadn’t read the fine print, so when I popped over to Fayetteville after popping into Bellville on the way to La Grange on the way back from Sealy (yes, I do spend Saturdays like this), the spontaneous clusters of musicians gathered for the Monthly Jam on the Square was all surprise to me.

Under the Tree

In The Garage

In the Gazebo

Folks were too busy playing for me to ask questions like “are you famous?” or “can I download that?” or “where ya from?’  Maybe I’ll get there a little early next month so we can chat a bit.  Or maybe I’ll slide in all rushed from stops in Nechanitz or Serbin or New Ulm. Early or just in time, hope to see you there.

On the Corner


Fayetteville Car




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