On The Crush List because…

The Lee County Community League:

La Grange Demons       Weimar .45’s       Serbin Jackrabbits      Jackson County Thunder  

New Ulm Firemen      Bernardo Bears      Winchester Rifles      Fayetteville Waterdogs    

 Ellinger Ducks      Rutersville Outlets

Read the Texas Monthly Article where Dan Rather mentions the Serbin Jackrabbits Field

Rabbits Scoreboard

Kids grow up which is all good.  But I miss certain things, many of them baseball:  The shaky bleachers, the diet Dr. Peppers and pork-chops-on-a-stick, the side games of wall ball, the mom chitchat, the fund-raised road trips, the struggles with red clay stains on white pants.  My few moments spent crushing on the Serbin Jackrabbits’ quiet field took me back to all that and then sent me on my way.

Rabbits Tree and Board

Rabbits Sign Tight

Rabbits Bench

Rabbits Glove

Rabbits Not Liable

Rabbits First Base Tight



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