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If you’re looking to Round Top for sublime and sophisticated, this is what you’ll see.

GEG Portraits

I’ve talked before about the weary show blindness that can develop after looking at days and days and fields and fields and booths and booths and tables and tables and walls and walls of heart-stirring treasures and insignificant junk.  When I get to that state, I just let myself wander around in an out-of-focus-kind-of-way while I wait for the Magic Eye 3-D poster phenomenon to take over. I hope you remember Magic Eye. It’s that optical illusion fad from about twenty years ago where if you diverge your focus on a random field of colorful dots in just the right way the image of a pouncing panther or a pirate ship will leap right out at you.

At the blurry end of the most recent Marburger Preview Day, it was Great Estate Goods that jumped out and into focus for me. It’s Amelia Tarbet’s cool, dark corner booth, and it’s filled with carefully chosen and carefully placed objects.  Frankly, the space really deserves a photography shoot with a proper camera and a nice annotated catalogue.  But until then, here’s my The Crush List Style look at Amelia Tarbet’s curatorial sorcery from wide shot to extreme close up.

GEG Exterior Wide

GEG Exterior Close

GEG Wide Interior

GEG Shrine

GEG Winged Table

Ha, I thought that one would get you!

GEG Isusla

GEG Chinoise

GEG Color Kids

GEG Bird

GEG Moo Cow

GEG Underwater

GEG Helmet

GEG Antler

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