On The Crush List because…

Isn’t every decor mixologist looking for that perfect mid-century art garnish?


Harmon Cockscomb

Harmon Fish

As y’all know, there’s shopping and there’s buying.  I’m a big, big shopper, but I get pretty scrawny when it comes to buying. I try to be especially careful not to overspend at each Antiques Show, but my well intentioned No Purchase Policy usually surrenders to a modest acquisition or two, which is still more than I have room or need for.  Here’s what I bought last show, in its booth and on my wall.

Harmon Bluebonnet


No regrets, right?  I spotted another great piece that I saw in Lynette’s booth in its forever home, the lounge area over at the Round Top Ballroom aka the fantastic Recycling the Past warehouse/event space.

Harmon Boats

RTP Sofa

G. Harmon served up some wonderful  lobsters and crabs and other assorted still lifes.  I’m also mad for his brown leather chair.  He didn’t just hang around the house though; check out his streetscapes. They’re so sooty and confining and loud.

Harmon Wide street

Harmon Street Scene

 Here’s a parade of pieces Lynette brought to the 2015 Big Red Barn Winter Show.

Harmon Green Bottles

Harmon Purple

Harmon Yellow Lineup

Harmon Bottle of Wine

Harmon Crab

Harmon Wide

And finally there are his clowns.  What is it about clowns that feels so completely 1967?  Well, in reading Smithsonian Mag’s historical recap of the clown as both a cheery and downright terrifying character in our culture it does appear that, thanks to Clarabell and Ronald McDonald and of course, Bozo, clowns did have a strong mid-century uptick.  Since the 1980’s however, the killer clown appears to have taken over, resulting in reports of “a decline of attendees at clown conventions or at clowning workshop courses.”  Good thing no one told the Brooklyn Juggler.

Harmon three clowns

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