On The Crush List because…

Every single thing in this booth out in the country belongs in an ultra-chic loft in the city.  Or in your home, if you think you also belong in an ultra-chic loft in the city.


eneby antiqu clock

eneby antique lounger2


eneby antique lounger4

Eneby was the first place I saw a push for vintage gymnasium equipment.  Two or three shows ago their booth was filled with those gorgeous wood and leather pommel horses that then showed up in every issue of House Beautiful and Elle Decor.  If you’re wondering what you’ll be seeing everywhere next year, my money is on the chaise longue.  (Yes, according to Wikipedia and those who know, that is the correct spelling.)

eneby antique lounger

While we’re trending, I predict that the current popularity of vintage Hemlock apothecary bottles will inspire a rash of odd scientific models.  Many around the show this spring are medical, but I prefer Eneby’s more tasteful botanical choices.  At least I hope these are botanical.

eneby antik mushrooms

On a final note: Victoria has her secrets. Ours may be slightly different.

eneby antik nude forms


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