On The Crush List because…

Byways beat highways every time.

Donkey Tan Face

I took a late spring wonder-wander drive around RT last weekend, and thought you might like to share in my roadside donkey moment.  To experience these sweeties for real, just head out Round Top Road from downtown and the pasture will be on your left in about half a mile.

Because pictures are often enjoyed best when accompanied by a story, I googled “Round Top Donkey” to see what would pop up.  These lines from a book called The Times of Round Top by C. Thornton are exactly what you need.

 “Paula Giese (b.1919) rode her paint horse, Vergil, four miles from the family farm to attend Round Top School.
Paula tried to ride her donkey, Stump, to school but she could not always rely on Stump.  Sometimes he would sit down when he did not want to go anywhere.”

Gotta love Stump.  Now here’s your moment of donkeys.

Donkey Roadside

Donkey Dos

Donkey Love

Donkey Hello

Donkey Duo Low

The enthusiastic welcome wore off quickly once it became evident that I offered nothing more than timid, armpit-over-the-barbed-wire, city-girl neck scratches.  Bring carrots.

Donkey Nose

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