On The Crush List because…

Isn’t it where everyone starts their Antiques Week shopping day?

Clutter Flag Large

Here’s something I didn’t know anything about:  Tobacco felts, aka tobacco silks, aka tobacco flags.  Apparently, about a hundred years ago, packs of cigarettes were wrapped in these little giveaways.  Men did the smoking and women were encouraged to quilt the felts into blankets and coverlets.

Seems like a fantastic revival opportunity for some company that markets to craft-crazy maker-y hipsters.  Are you listening American Apparel? PBR? Vilano? Dr. Bronner’s? Imagine free vintage-styled felts with every purchase. Then watch the backyard quilting clubs spring up. Then the acoustic grooves-to-quilt-by playlists. And the inaugural Felties Convention in Kreuzberg Berlin…

Clutter Flags

Clutter cards

Clutter Stop 2

Clutter Meat Hook

Clutter Copper Pot

If you know me, you know that rug hooking is my hipster craft of choice and that I’ve lovingly created a few mediocre pieces over the years.  So one of my favorite reasons to shop Clutter is because of its support for Charlotte Bell’s non-profit group, The Rug Hook Project.  She helps folks from a village in Mexico market their hooked rug artworks.  Don’t you need one for the back of your jean jacket?

Clutter Rug Hook

Clutter Mailbox

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