On The Crush List because…

That’s what she said.

Chicken R Sign

A prime little piece of Warrenton real estate, right across 237 from the Tin Star/Bar W footbridges was recently rebranded The Chicken Ranch and it’s been getting shoppers to cross the road ever since.

If somehow you’ve managed to miss both the film and the Broadway version of  The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and you don’t know the story of the La Grange Chicken Ranch, you’d best click the Texas State Historical Association page here.  While those folks read, how ’bout the rest of us take a moment of appreciation for the stars of those cheesy, saucy musical works of art:  Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds on screen, and beloved Match Game panelist Fannie Flagg on stage?

The front of the Chicken Ranch field is full of high quality vendor tents. But if you visit, be sure to make your way to the little farmhouse at the back of the lot.  It’s an old school spot with good prices, nice folks, a pair of cute dealer dogs and a vaguely sinful collection of collectibles.

Chicken R Exterior

They’ve gathered the saints in the front parlor to greet you, but as you work your way through the house to the back bedrooms, you can’t help but appreciate their subtle nod to the naughty. Or I at least that’s how I saw things.  Maybe if you’d taken the photos they’d be wholesome as heck.

Chicken R Interior

Chicken R Wedding in Jar

Chicken Ranch Tiki Mugs

Chicken R Snakeskin

Which brings me to the confession that my all time favorite book is Truman Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms.  This little house is no decaying Southern Gothic mansion of course, and I saw no signs of Missouri Fever in the kitchen, but hey, when you love something you find yourself seeing it all kinds of places.  Um, don’t you?

Chicken R Window

Chicken R Entry Rug

Chicken R Drum Major Hat

Chicken R Nude

Chicken R Garters




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