On The Crush List because…

It’s not just an Antiques Show, it’s a way of life!

County Line Casita

While you shop the show, it definitely pays to pay attention to the “back of house” story going on.  So many, many vendors move to the Round Top area for the event, and their living arrangements are often quite out of the box.  My favorite are the Casitas; some rolled in just for the moment, some set up with full amenities for semi-annual use.  As far as security goes, a pair of anxious chihuahuas seems to be a popular part of the package.  Go ahead and click, they’re so cute!


County Line House

Up in the Carmine Y show area, Linda Haddock was happy to guide me on a walk-thru of her latest “Anita’s Casitas” offering.  If you’re shopping for a minihomeonwheels, her refurbished models seem like a good buy. And while you’re there, check out Linda’s antiques booth.  She’s worked as a professional merchandiser (Hello Neiman Marcus) and it shows.

Linda Anita Casita

Linda Hammock Corner

Linda Wall Boy

Linda Luggage

Linda Mirror

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