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Friends don’t let friends sleep undecorated.



Cabins OW Chandelier

You may recognize the players in this story because they’re both crushes already; The Rendezvous and Old World Antieks. Whether you do or don’t, no matter, I think you’ll enjoy the tale and the photos. Here’s how it goes:

Once upon a time a few months ago, Gina put up three tiny cabins on her Rendezvous property and commenced to decorating them.  But three cabins turned out to be a lot of cabins, so she got to thinking… and then invited Brian and Amy from Old World over for a friendly night of poker and strawberry shortcake.  A good time was had by all, until finally Amy called ‘last hand.’  No one’s sharing the details from there, but in the end Brian and Amy were out by the pond decorating the heck out of one of Gina’s cabins with treasures from their warehouse and showroom in La Grange.

Cabins Gina Bath Light

OK.  All that is probably a big fat lie.  I have absolutely no idea how this wonderful creative collaboration/debt payoff came to be.  Again, no matter, the spaces are beyond fabulous and I’m already jealous of the lucky shoppers who’ll nab them for the next Show. (If you want that to be you, contact Gina through her website at the top of the post).

First up are photos of the cabin decorated by Brian and Amy at Old World. I’m going to start with a tour of the interior, but be prepared for the exterior shot. If all this goodness can fit in there, just imagine what we could get into your proper house or apartment!

Cabins Tourist Room


Cabins OW Side Wall

Cabins OW Wide

Cabins OW Cherub Lamp

Cabins OW Double bunks

Cabins OW Bunks

Cabins OW Bottles

Cabins OW Window Wheel

Cabins exterior

Isn’t the outside shockingly modest?  To be fair, we should remember that I was clomping around in sticky mud stealing a peek at the cabins in their unfinished state.  I’m sure some darling soft and hardscaping will be coming along as a final touch.  But even with the mental airbrushing of a big old horse statue and a bunny cart and an amazing concrete aviary and lots of happy roses, it’s still wild to see how much can be done inside the walls of a homely pre-fab shed.

If you can stand more amazingness, here’s one of Gina’s.  So fine.

Cabins Gina Wide Peek

Cabins Gina LR


Cabins Dandelion Fluff


Cabins Gina Bunk

Cabins Gina Wide



Cabins Gina Dresser

Cabins Gina Paris

Cabins Gina Up

Cabins Gina Ext Shutters

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