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Adele Total

If you’ve been shopping at Blue Hills during the last few shows, and I certainly hope you have, you’ve surely seen Adele’s atelier-styled booth. It’s a dynamic space for sure, with rushing B&W horse photos shown alongside soft abstracts and colorful columns.

Adele Horses

Adele Horses on the Floor

Adele Both Kinds of Horses

Adele Dark Left Horse

Adele Out the Tent

Dd you know that the American Cutting Horse Association is just right down the road from Round Top in Brenham, TX?  Cutting is one of those sports I think of as pretty obscure but turns out to be quite competitive and popular. Apparently tens of millions of dollars are won every year by folks who know how to cut for shape and stay off the back fence.

Roller pigeoning is another good example of a hidden sport.  It’s the one where you compete for points based on how many times your pigeon rolls over while in flight.  It makes me feel better that you’ve never heard of it either.  I only know of it because our old neighbor bred bunches of rollers in an elaborate backyard aviary and traveled all over the country to participate in tumbler tournaments. (I hope you clicked on this last link because that video of those Birmingham Rollers in action with The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony as background music is extremely soothing and would make a sweet little screen saver). Anyway, he’d let his pigeons out for morning practice sessions over a highway near our neighborhood. While they were out it wasn’t unusual for him to lose one or two to hawks, which seemed sad to me but not so much to him. All part of the sport, he’d say.

Adele Shelf

Adele Small Art

Adele Large Art

Adele Sticks

Adele Through The Rain




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